TGIF – Ten Great Ideas and Finds – Summer trends

Summer is officially here ( 21st June is the first day of Summer) and I have reformed my wardrobe to fit the season !!! Through the years I have accumulated a lot of clothes that may or may not be in fashion anymore, but there are some trends that are never out of style for the summer … so lets take a look at some classic.. and not so classic summer trends !!! Continue reading

TGIF- Ten Great Ideas and Finds , what I’ve learned by watching TV

Another TGIF !!! Thank God.. Does it happen to you too?? Every Thursday I get soooo disappointed that it is not Friday yet !!!

Anyway, since it is soooo hot these days, I ve been avoiding using make up or any other products during the day ! So today;s TGIF I am listing ten life lessons I got from watching TV … lots and lots of TV !!!

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Pack your bags !!!!

Planing summer vacations is always fun, especially when you reach the clothing part !!! This year my sweetheart and I are going to Crete in Greece !! We wanted a destination where we didn’t have a lot of things to do like sight seeing etc but just to relax and also see some friends !! We are flying with a low-cost airline and that only means one thing … limitation to your luggage weight !! We are taking one 20KG luggage together and maybe fold a  carry-on for the way back to put some of our purchases in. So we need to be very selective when it comes to packing.  Continue reading

TGIF- Let the sun shine in

Hello my sunny friends !! It is time to get back on track with our Ten Great Ideas and Finds!!! On monday I went sailing and we dived into the water for hours !!! But instead of heavenly beachy waves, my hair got frizzy, tangled and dry !!! Why ?? Because I did nothing to protect my hair from the sun and the salty water. So this TGIF is dedicated to our hair and how we can protect it from all those factors while enjoying the summer sun !!!  Continue reading