Mad for Lashes …

Wanna emphasize your eyes by just applying mascara??? The following tips will help you apply mascara like a pro !!!

What you will need:

Mascara, Eyelash Curlers, your skillful hands

Prep your lashes by using the eyelash curlers firstly on the bottom and then on the tip of your lashes ( just a few seconds are enough). 

#1 Approach the base of your lashes with the mascara and with light left and right moves apply mascara going towards the inner corner of your eyes

#2 Repeat the process on your other eye but make sure you turn the brush so as the tip is facing the inner corner of your eye ( a common mistake is applying mascara with the brush facing the same way for both eyes). That way you will make sure that all the lashes are covered.

#3 If you are using a mascara for a longer lash effect, close your lids and apply the product on the tips of your lashes.. That will not only make them look longer but intensify the color on your tip of your lashes.

#4 By holding your mascara brush vertically apply the product with horizontal direction by using the tip of the brush. That will make them even longer

#5 Last move is to lightly apply some mascara on your bottom lashes to give them color but NOT length !!!

Extra tip: 

Apply your mascara before applying your eyeshadow so as to avoid smudging the product on your perfectly applied smoky eye

No matter what you do, NEVER EVER curl you lashes with mascara on because that may cause breakage !!!

Currently in the search for a great mascara??? I love Dior , YSL , and Helena Rubinstein Mascaras!! Especially the ones with the plastic brush !!!


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