It’s in the bag!!!

Know how chaotic a woman’s bag/ purse can be??? Well mine is twice as much !!! I can never ever find my phone, I have three types of gum in it, and although I slip in dozens of hair clips, I can never find one when I need it. SO today i thought it was about time I cleaned and organised my bag … Not that it was filthy but I m sure it needed a good swipe 🙂

I am not going to show you how it looked before , but here is how it looked after the cleaning and putting everything into place

Of course everything will move around once placed since this is a bag that only has one big pocket, but I thought I would fix that problem by containing things in smaller purses. So from left to right I have my sunglasses in their case ( which according to my outfit the sunglasses will change). Then there is my wallet and then a small transparent purse I mostly use when traveling ( check out my Travelling with makeup post to see what that purse is for). That small purse holds my small size deodorant, some prescribed medicine, hand cream, a travel size toothbrush, hand wipes and some hair ties.

On the second row, again from left to right, I have my phone, my care and house keys, a pen, my reading glasses, a small note pad that I keep for blogging ideas, a two side mirror, and then a purse that holds everything I need for that  special time of the month!!!

Last on the final row, again from left to right, I have my ipod, a case with my business cards, and a purse ( again) that has all the cables I need for my phone and ipod, my head set for my ipod, and a usb.

There is no use putting a picture of how everything sits in the bag since as i said earlier they all move around, but my ipod and phone have a small case on the one side of the bag that holds just them, and my keys hang from a dedicated ring inside the bag so I can find them easily.

I feel that this way even though everything moves around i can still find what I need whenever I need it just by looking at the inside of my bag. I do not have matching purses to put all this things inside, but I guess that using different purses like I did, makes it even easier !!!!

How do you guys organise a bag that has JUST one main compartment ???? Have you tried one of those bag organisers that you can mover from bag to bag? I did in the past but I believe that with this bag they dont really work…


2 thoughts on “It’s in the bag!!!

    • yeah i know especially with this bag that the zipper doesn’t give you a wide opening, it is a hustle to take them out and they move in the bag anyways and everything spills or goes out of place after you take one thing out !!!

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